Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Poker Gods

Can a lowly card player know the mind of the poker gods?

The poker gods are harsh, fickle rulers. They're heartless, uncaring deities overseeing the vast poker landscape as their dominion grows with the game.

The poker gods don't give a shit if you win or lose. They don't take sides, and thanks for their miracles goes unappreciated.

You can sing the praises of the poker gods, but that doesn't mean they will send you better cards. You can curse them, and they will like that less.

The poker gods' creed is single-minded: make the correct play, and you will be rewarded. Hope for miracles or go on tilt, and you will be punished, as if by lightning bolts from Mount Olympus.

The poker gods answer to no one but probability, and their justice is always fair and even-handed.

Worship them if you want, but faith or superstition won't fill your gutshot draw or make your cowboys overcome rockets.


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