Friday, August 12, 2005

Um, 1/2

Daniel and I reached a conclusion that many people have probably already decided. When bonus whoring, it's best to clear the bonus in a quick, low-risk manner.

That means playing $1/2 6-max limit poker at four tables until it's done.

I know, I know ... it's all poker, and bonus money is still poker money. Why should I change my game just because of some bonus?

I have an easy answer to that. It's poker's golden rule: Do what makes you the most money.

Through 700 hands to clear the current $100 Party Poker bonus, I made about $50 in game play (not counting the bonus). So I was up a total of $150 in just a few hours of play. That freed me up to continue working on my computer and consider whrere to invest my gambling money next.

Another consideration is rakeback. If I had rakeback at Party Poker, I would probably play my regular 3/6 limit game. That way, I would be clearing the bonus and earning higher rakeback at the same time.

Slight change of topic: I was reading the 2+2 forums to find out if it would be worthwhile to invest in the Multipoker bonus. It's $100, but the workthru is 2,000 raked hands. One 3/6 player said that over that many hands, a typical 3/6 player could expect to earn $105 in rakeback alone. So I guess I won't waste my time at Multipoker anymore unless they come up with a better deal or I'm itching to play thousands of hands of 1/2 6-max again.

Here's another thing. The players at 1/2 6-max are so angry! They get so mad every time someone has the better hand or sucks out on them. I guess it's just the nature of the beast because these players are more likely to be some of the least experienced poker players out there. And it makes me laugh sometimes. I was called a fish about a dozen times just while clearing that bonus. Whatever.

The point seems to be that these low-limit players have no tolerance for losses. They fail to understand that suckouts are a part of the game, moreso in shorthanded play than in other games. Yes, the best hand on the flop usually wins. But there are also many other hands that are worth continuing with if the odds (or bluffing) justify it.

That's poker. Get used to it.


At 10:44 AM, Blogger kurokitty said...

plus, just like Horseshoe Tunica, there are "no rules for Asians" at PP $1/2. Fish hate that! Hilarious post about the angry low-limit playas!!!


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